Jeremy Allison wrote:

> Can you attach to the process in this state and get gdb backtrace.
> If the problem wasn't address with the report several months ago
> it didn't give enough information to track the problem down. Maybe
> you can do better ! :-). Log it as a bug at bugzilla please.

Right now I'll have to recompile with -g, samba and possibly openldap or
some part of the underlying OS, but I will surely do.

> If it's a logic error in Samba we *will* fix it asap, sometimes
> these can be hard to see. Also, sometimes it's an error in the
> underlying system, not Samba.

Exactly! I too suspect it might be something wrong with openldap, if not
the OS itself; however I thought starting from the top was the only way
to know.

After an upgrade of nss_ldap I haven't experienced this problem anymore,
but a few days are definitely too short a period to say it's over.
I'll keep an eye on it.

bye & Thanks
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