We have just recently started using Windows XP Offline Folders here,
and it is causing all sorts of festive problems. If a folder is set for
offline use on a client, whether that folder is on our samba server or
not, the samba server becomes unavailable or only very slightly
available at best.


Explorer - Windows 2003 Server, Quattro - samba 3.0.22 server on
Solaris 9
Synchronizing \\explorer\user$\user with My Documents causes browsing
\\quattro to go from 15 folders found to maybe 1. The rest all vanish.

Doesn't matter whether the user has roaming profiles turned on or
not, the profiles share is on \\quattro\Profiles and has 'csc policy =
disable' set. Changing the properties on 'My Documents' to disable
offline support, followed by the required reboot, fixes the problem.

Anyone seen symptoms like this before?

Joel Lord
Sound Designer, 'Nine', Schenectady Light Opera Company
Chair, Albacon 2006
Web Master, Alpha Psi Omega Grand Cast
etc... etc... etc...

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