Tom Peters wrote:
> At 10:40 PM 3/29/2006 +0200, you wrote:
>> Hi @all,
>> are there any problems known with 3.0.21c and bigger video files (mpg
>> and wmv greater than 700 MB)?
>> Received the information that these files cannot copied from XP to
>> Samba (W2K is okay). Error message is the well known:
>> [2006/03/28 18:03:36, 0]
>> lib/util_sock.c:get_peer_addr(1225)getpeername failed. Error was
>> Transport endpoint is not connected

> I chased this elusive problem for a year. I'm still running 3.09-2.3 but
> I see it on other versions.
> Tell me, do you get this problem when you drag/n/drop a file into a
> folder on the samba share? And can you prevent this problem from
> occurring by the following procedure?
> Click in the target window on the samba machine (this is on the XP
> desktop). Press F5 to refresh the view. Wait about a second. Immediately
> start your copy. When I do this, the errors, preterviously reported to the
> desktop and to my server log, don't occur.
> I've been told that it's a WinXP only issue, that it attempts to connect
> on ports 445 and 139 nearly simultaneously, and then proceeds to talk
> over whichever one answers first. I'm told that Win2k clients won't have
> this problem, and Win98 clients don't use port 445 so it doesn't arise
> there.ou can take my word for it,
> Anyone have evidence to the contrary (so far)?

Hi Tom,
If you can take my word for it,
I just drag & dropped a 2 Gig file from XP SP2 to
Samba version 3.0.22pre1-SVN-build-12802
on FC3 2.6.12-1.1381_FC3smp
without issue. I do this pretty frequently moving vmware machines around
and organizing ghost images.

I run a 2003 AD domain, but the XP machine is just a workgroup
member of the domain. although samba is a domain member. But I recall
doing this on an XP full domain member last year.

During the transfer:
PID Username Group Machine
9040 doug doug pine (

Service pid machine Connected at
public 9040 pine Fri Mar 31 19:55:00 2006

Locked files:
Pid DenyMode Access R/W Oplock SharePath Name
9040 DENY_ALL 0x30196 WRONLY EXCLUSIVE+BATCH /home/public doug/sda-s003.vmdk Fri
Mar 31 20:09:26 2006
9040 DENY_NONE 0x20089 RDONLY NONE /home/public doug Fri Mar 31
19:55:05 2006
9040 DENY_NONE 0x100001 RDONLY NONE /home/public doug Fri Mar 31
19:55:05 2006

And when done:
-rw-rw-rw- 1 doug doug 2125135872 Mar 15 11:56 /home/public/doug/sda-s003.vmdk

I did it once, deleted it, waited about 20 min and did it again.

Ports in use with the XP machine:
where samba is running on

Perhaps relevant config option:

I did notice that when I first migrated from samba 2 to samba 3 back around 3.0.9
at first the client machines continued to connect on port 139, but
gradually over a period of time that changed until the connections
are now nearly all port 445 and all the domain members list as IP numbers
instead of netbios names.

I've seen this behavior in windows clients where they remember connection
details and continue to use them until some event or loss of connectivity
causes the client to start over in the list. Usually it learns the new
connection details at that time.

Regards, Doug
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