I have tried to read the documentation, but I was not able to find a clear
solution to my problem. I run Samba 3.0.14a on a Debian system with Posix

I have a share on a file system that uses Posix ACLs, and I have two
directories in that share. Both directories have default ACLs set, so that
every new file (or directory) created under each directory (by Windows
XP/2000 clients) gets default permissions correctly.

Now, when a user that has "rwx" permissions on both directories tries
(from a WinXP box) to move a subtree from from directory A to directory B,
the moved tree (files and directories) keeps all of the the ACLs (Posix
and also standard user/group/other) and file ownership (user and group) it
had when it was under directory A, ignoring completely the defaults set in
directory B.

This makes the moved subtree unreadable to users of directory B, which are
not allowed to open files from directory A.

Is there some solution to this issue? Maybe I need to set "inherit acls =

I basically want ACLs to be ALWAYS the default ones, as set on the topmost
directory, nothing more and nothing less.

Thanks for your help.


Fabio "Kurgan" Muzzi

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