On Fri, Mar 31, 2006 at 09:49:02AM -0500, Greg Dickie wrote:
> Yes, it is the win32 version, but its an old one (1998), not sure how
> the config file will carry to a more recent version.
> IOmeter Access specifications:
> Transfer req. size = 64Kb & 8Kb
> Percent of Access Specification = 100%
> Type of Operation: 100% read; 100% write; 50% read
> Percent Random/Sequential Distribution: 100% sequential
> Queue Depth = 8
> Reply Size: No Reply
> Burst Length = 25 I/Os
> Align I/Os on: 64Kb & 8Kb
> Ramp up Time = 30sec
> Run Time = 3 min
> # of clients used: 1 to 9 clients (Linear Stepping)
> Note that the problem is visible with only one client.
> The clients are GbE as is the server, not sure if you will see a
> difference on 100BT.
> Thank you very much for looking at this, please let me know if there is
> anything I can do to help.

No problem. What I'll do is run the version against a smbd
running with cachegrind. That will point out any extra CPU
usage we're accumulating between the two versions. If we've
regressed because of a code path this will tell us.

Might take a while though as I have to be at LinuxWorld
Boston next week.

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