Greeting Gururajan Ramachandran,

On your Windows Workstation execute gpedit.msc, and browse the tree (for
XP in this example): Local Computer Policy, Computer Configuration,
Administrative Templates, System, User Profil. Find a option to autorise
local profile only. Sorry I just have it in french (N'autoriser que les
profils d'utilisateurs locaux).

The option is not located in the same place for Windows 2000 or Windows
XP. However Windows 2000 need the service pack 3 and more to have this



> Hello,
> I have set smb.conf to turn off roaming profiles by putting "logon
> path" and "logon home" as blank entries. However, I find that if I
> attempt to login as an user in a Windows machine that does not already
> have a local profile for that user, I get "Unable to logon as
> DOMAINNAME is not available" or something like that... It does not
> create an automatic
> profile. I am looking at the HOWTO book and the by example book but
> have not yet found where it might show a fix for this situation.
> How do I fix it so a default profile will be created and I can
> continue using local profiles only at the same time?
> When I had smb.conf with roaming profiles support, it was creating
> default profiles for new users.
> I am using SUSE Linux 10 and Samba3 3.0.20b.
> Thanks,
> Guru

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