I have set smb.conf to turn off roaming profiles by putting "logon path"
and "logon home" as blank entries. However, I find that if I attempt to
login as an user in a Windows machine that does not already have a
local profile for that user, I get "Unable to logon as DOMAINNAME is not
available" or something like that... It does not create an automatic
profile. I am looking at the HOWTO book and the by example book but
have not yet found where it might show a fix for this situation.

How do I fix it so a default profile will be created and I can continue
using local profiles only at the same time?

When I had smb.conf with roaming profiles support, it was creating default
profiles for new users.

I am using SUSE Linux 10 and Samba3 3.0.20b.



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