Hi guys,

I'm running a NT Domain hosted on two Debian GNU/Linux Sarge servers
running Samba (respectively as PDC and as member server), with lots of
horsepower (dual-cpu with 1GB RAM or more each).
Samba itself is behaving blazingly fast, from both servers.
I use winbind on the member server, of course.

Still, on this machine I see each week a huge performance drop related
authentication, to the point where it has to be rebooted to allow
authentication before clients time out.

Any ideas of where to start looking for? I can provide all the
configuration, and all the information needed to track down this
I already tweaked the configuration a lot to improve performance, but
this issue exceeds my capacity now.

Can you help me?
J=E9r=F4me Warnier
FLOSS Consultant

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