I am having trouble accessing my shares. I have set up a homes directory,
public and temp directory. Every time I try to either browse to my samba
server, or map to it I am prompted with a password dialog box. I have tried
to set up samba to be a member server in Active Directory and set my valid
users = @"DOMAIN+info_sys" , which is the security group that I belong to.
When I enter my user name and password nothing happens. I desperately want
to get this working, but I cannot seem to figure out how to make Samba use
my Active Directory user accounts for accessing shares. Do I need to assign
permissions to the folder (/data) itself? If so can someone please explain
how to give ownership or full control over a linux folder (/data) to a
security group from Active Directory?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Adam Katulak

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