Hello, I am new to samba and I am trying to set it up to be a member server
of my ADS Domain. I keep getting the same error whenever I do this. At the
point where I have logged in and type "net ads join " I get the
error: "libads/ldap.c:ads_join_realm(1640) ads_add_machine_acct
(my_server_name): Type or value existsads_join_realm: Type or value
exists". I am running Fedora Core 3 with the latest version of samba. It
appears to say that my server has already been joined but I cannot find it
anywhere in AD. I have synched time with my DC, and I know that I can
"talk" to AD because I can authenticate and when I do a "net ads info" I get
all the correct information regarding my ADS. I can also query AD from my
Samba box and get a list of users and groups. I have tried googling the
problem and found several people that experienced this same problem but have
yet to find a solution. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Adam Katulak

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