We have samba 3.0.21c + openldap working ok. Some weeks ago I got this
answer (http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=samb...4752004902&w=2) to my
question about whether it's better to have one or multiple windows
domains, in favor of having only one domain.

Now, we're gonna put into production a NAS box (one Windows Storage
Server) for our main domain and for our whole institution! According to
what I saw, it's seems that to work with only one unique domain is
inevitable (500 users).

So we would like to rename our MAIN domain (type Windows NT domain) to the
name of our institution. Please, what is the proper (safer) way of doing
this? I think I understand that I must: to do the domain name change and
to restore the samba domain SID generated because of the name change (is
it ok?), but I would like to know about similar experiences, and any

Thank you!


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