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> Subject: [Samba] many servers and mobile users - "always use=20
> the most fresh user profile" - ideas?
> I have a situation like below:
> Samba servers in many cities; one "backup" server in the=20
> central location that fetches user profiles each night=20
> (changes really with rsync).
> Users work in many locations; sometimes one user can work in=20
> city A, and a day later he can work in city B.
> This means that they have problems with their profiles - user profile=20
> for city A will be different from his profile in city B.
> Using the central server for storing all profiles is not a=20
> good solution=20
> - it would take too long to fetch/upload user profile over WAN/VPN.
> Pulling the profile from the central server should only happen if the=20
> local profile is older.
> I tried using preexec, to launch a script which would compare=20
> the local=20
> and "remote" profile, and pull the newest version from the central=20
> server if necessary.
> However, Windows logon times outs after 2 minutes, and=20
> usually it takes=20
> longer to download the profile.
> Has anyone ever dealt with the situation where users work in multiple=20
> locations, but would like to have the profiles the same?
> I know it can be done easily with Windows 2003 R2, what about Samba?

About a year ago I worked out an architecture in which rsync would be
used to replicate profiles from location to location (replication being
triggered by *logout*, not *login*) but it never got anywhere near
implementation as far as I am aware. You just have to make sure you
have enough bandwidth so you can move the profiles faster than the
people. :-) Of course rsync helps quite a bit.

Bob Gautier

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> Tomasz Chmielewski
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