I have a Thecus NAS, which seems to be a samba server internally
# smbclient -L thecus :

Domain=[THECUS] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.0.14a]

My Workstation (Mandrake 10.1):

# uname -r
# rpm -qa |grep samba

The problem:

when I 'mount -t smbfs' one of the folders of the thecus and cp large
files to it from my local filesystem, I get wildly incomplete files.
Using smbclient to 'put' files however is perfect.

The thecus doesn't give me any clue whether it recognizes the write
errors, in /var/log/messages I can see:

>Mar 4 14:48:23 brutus kernel: smb_writepage_sync: failed write,
> wsize=4096, write_ret=-512

Things like -osync don't seem to work under smbfs, so I'm at the
end of my (small) wits...

I also tried to mount the folder as cifs, but there I get totally
weird uid and gid, so I didn't pursue. That is another mailing
list anyhow, and a question of maturity.



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