Hi all,
I using little non standart filesystem(GPFS) with user quotas for my Sa=
mba=2E There is problem with correct disk size reporting in home mapped=
devices in Windows=2E

In example:=20
I use three partitions(shares) for home directories, mapped in Windows =
like disc H: I: K:=2E Every user have quota on every one partition H: 1=
GB (I: 2GB K:512MB)=20

When those shares are mapped in Windows, their disk size is reported as=
whole disk(partition) size 1 TB , but not quoted size 1gb

So I would use dfree option in smb=2Econf which call external script=2E

My question is, exist any way how I can tell to script which user on wh=
ich partition is asking for space? or any other way how i can show corr=
et quoted space in Windows?

Best regard
Vojtech Moravek


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