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look at smb.conf man page about ldap passwd sync parameter

David.Martinez@eurorscg.com a écrit :
> Hi everybody.
> I'm having a weird behavior with my smb+ldap installation.
> My server is configured as the PDC for my network. All my users are
> attached to the domain and are working fine.
> Also, I'm trying to configure other web applications in order to use LDAP,
> the idea is that the users use the same credentials to log into the SMB
> domain and to log into another applications (specifically, OneOrZero
> helpdesk manager)
> My problem is:
> If I change user's password with "smbldap-passwd", users can authenticate
> to SMB domain and other LDAP applications.
> BUT if users change their passwords from windows (CTRL+ALT+DEL -> "Change
> Password"), the new password works for the SMB domain but it does not work
> for the other LDAP applications. In fact they can log into the LDAP
> applications using the old password.
> At the end, every user has two valid passwords: one for the domain and
> other for my applications using LDAP authentication.
> I suppose I'm missing some kind of option in order to have synchronized
> both passwords.
> My LDAP is saving this entries:
> sambaNTPassword
> sambaLMPassword
> userPassword
> What represents each of this attributes?
> How can I force smbldap-tools to keep both password synchronized?
> Thanks in advance.
> Saludos
> David

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