Hi everybody.

I'm having a weird behavior with my smb+ldap installation.

My server is configured as the PDC for my network. All my users are
attached to the domain and are working fine.
Also, I'm trying to configure other web applications in order to use LDAP,
the idea is that the users use the same credentials to log into the SMB
domain and to log into another applications (specifically, OneOrZero
helpdesk manager)

My problem is:
If I change user's password with "smbldap-passwd", users can authenticate
to SMB domain and other LDAP applications.
BUT if users change their passwords from windows (CTRL+ALT+DEL -> "Change
Password"), the new password works for the SMB domain but it does not work
for the other LDAP applications. In fact they can log into the LDAP
applications using the old password.
At the end, every user has two valid passwords: one for the domain and
other for my applications using LDAP authentication.

I suppose I'm missing some kind of option in order to have synchronized
both passwords.

My LDAP is saving this entries:

What represents each of this attributes?
How can I force smbldap-tools to keep both password synchronized?

Thanks in advance.

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