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> We are discussing removing the capability to chaining passdb
> backends. It's a decent idea but overly complicates things
> IMO and unless it has wide spread use, we'll probably axe it
> soon (voting is starting up on the samba-tecnnical ml now).

At least I use it:

passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap://, tdbsam , guest

On the other hand as far as I remember it put tdbsam in it because I
just wanted to separate root from the ldap tree, as otherwise I would
have a global root account on way too much servers.

Though I suppose this is not necessary anymore with the new role
capabilities in samba 3.0.20? ( I still use 3.0.10/14 ).

So I guess I do nt need this anymore after an upgrade.

regards, Gunther

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