David Shapiro wrote:
> What can I look at to understand why chown keeps saying user does not
> exist.
> wbinfo -u/-g returns the user information
> klist -v shows kerberos is working
> net ads join works fine
> wbinfo -t shows secret is fine
> aix does not have getent so I can't run getent passwd -- is there
> something equivalent on aix?

Closest you're going to get is lsuser -R
lsuser -R NIS ALL
lsuser -R LDAP ALL

and of course lsgroup -R

> /usr/lib/security/methods.cfg has:
> program = /usr/lib/security/WINBIND (set with chmod 444)
> options =authonly

Authonly means it's not capable of supplying any user information.
I don't know that's true anymore.

Look in source/nsswitch/winbind_nss_aix.c
Available methods are at the end of the file.
Not all methods are implemented, and not all methods implemented
return a valid answere.

Regards, Doug

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