it's a fairly old samba build, isn't it?

please try upgrading to at least 3.0.14, which had lot of improvements
regarding office and samba

greez wrote:
> I am having a problem writing/saving to a SMB share with O2K3(Word). In WORD, if I File/SaveAs \\machine\share\fred.doc - the windows machine hangs completely (Explorer+Word immediately, then all other processes after a period of say 1min).
> Most other scenarios succeed:
> ok: File/SaveAs C:\fred.doc, then move to \\machine\share using explorer.
> ok: Outlook.PST file on \\machine\share can be written to.
> ok: iTunes\library on \\machine\share\My Docs\iTunes\ can be written to.
> ok: Notepad save to \\machine\share succeeds.
> Permissions on the share/directory at the linux level (suse 9.3) are rwx/rwx/rwx.
> Create mask is 0777 (in fact all masks are 0777).
> locking = no
> strict locking = no
> Linux is SuSE 9.3
> Samba is 3.0.9
> Windows is XP SP2
> Office is 2003
> WinXP Firewall is OFF.
> WinXP and O2K3 are fresh installs.
> Any ideas pls?

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