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I had the same problem before.=20
Our network is segmented into 4 vlans, which broadcast packets are
inter-vlan routed via a router.

Without using WINS server, windows client (namely 2000/xp) cannot locate
PDC. I had to set each PC WINS server to the samba PDC IP address.

it solved the "unable to find domain controller" problem instantly.

Pointing Clients' DNS setting to PDC does not work for me. My DNS is
setup corretly and solve all hosts forward and reverse correctly. I do
think that clients were looking for NetBios name instead of Fully
Qualified Domain Name. DNS would give FQDN, not NetBios name.
in my opinion, that is why WINS server is needed.=20
I solved the problem, but unsure if it was for the right reason.

correct me if i'm wrong?



On Thu, 2006-02-09 at 14:57, Torsten Geile wrote:
> Hi,
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> Matthew Easton
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> Someone else on the list may correct me, but I think the problem is =20
> that the computer joining the domain is discovering the domain =20
> controller by broadcast -- and broadcasts don't cross the router.
> AFAIK DNS on the client has to point to the PDC to join the Domain.
> The same effect could be achieved using a wins server. Have never tried
> this.
> Regards
> Torsten

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