On Thu, 2006-02-09 at 17:27 +1100, Greg Andrews wrote:
> Howdy All,
> My samba server has decided to throw a hissy fit and its quite distressing
> ( not hair tearing out yet but will be soon ). Samba Version 3.02
> To give domain users admin rights to their local machine I have in the
> past simply made domain users part of the local admin group. Perhaps not
> the most elegant solution , but it works.
> I today installed two more machines ( XP sp2 )onto the network and the
> machines joined the domain without any grief, and when you look at users
> and groups on the local machines the admin group has domain admins and the
> users group has domain users ( this done automatically by samba ) however
> if I try to add the domain users group to the local administrators group ,
> which I have done on the other 60 machines on the network, the machine
> simply hangs and says it cant do it.
> Looking at "top" on the server there is an smbd process which is spawned
> ( and doesn't stop ) which is utilising 99.9% of the server cpu . This is
> a bad thing
> I have read the how-to and have gone back over previous emails on the
> subject and am none the wiser.
> I should add that I am far from an expert, and am trying to establish what
> has changed on the system which would cause this behaviour. So far the
> only thing I can see that I have done is to change the root password at
> the linux level ( I then changed the samba root password in desperation to
> the same thing with /etc/samba/smbpasswd root and entered the same
> password.
> Unfortunately no joy.
> using redhat9 and samba 3.02
> I am reluctant to experiment much as this is a "live" system .
> Any and all help or ideas are appreciated

doesn't strike me as having anything whatsoever to do with
passwords...sounds more like a problem with group mapping...

why don't you try posting up - or checking out for yourself...

# net groupmap list

# samba getlocalsid

and see if the SID portion prior to RID's are all in alignment...sounds
like something changed or the "Domain Users" SID isn't correct.


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