We have built a Suse Linux box as a member server to an existing NT 4

kernel is 2.6.11.xxx
samba is 3.0.13-xxx
all local file systems are reiser.

We installed samba from suse rpm's.

We have noted that when we smbmount an existing nt 4 server, and the
proceed to do a

cp -R smbmountpoint localfilesystem

we miss getting files that are named with Korean characters. The linux representation
of these file names includes all kinds of weird ascii characters
including things like |,>,*. etc.

I'm not sure if there is something I need to add to smb.conf to make
sure that samba properly handles the additional code page, if gnu cp
is broken, or if I need to add something to my linux mount command to
instruct it to use unicode.

Any pointers will be appreciated.
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