> now when this computer connects to VPN samba seems to forget own name.

It sounds like this computer's NMB entry is overwriting Samba's. My
guess is the only way to stop this is to 'ban' this user from accessing
WINS and broadcasting NMB queries, so that they never reach nmbd and
can't overwrite the real server's entry. This will mean however that
the user will be unable to to access the real Samba server over the VPN.

Alternatively you may find it better to map a network drive to the
macros - so instead of accessing files as \\server\share\macro you map
drive M: to \\server\share and then use M:\macro in the documents. That
way your user can have M: pointing to a share on their local machine
(or even use 'subst' to make a local folder appear as drive M and
then at work have drive M: mapped to the server version.

That way you could have two different computer names and just change
the drive mapping to point to whichever version of the files you want.

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