I have been searching for an answer all day, via Google, and have yet to
see this specific problem.
I am having a problem configuring a RHEL 4.0 server to share a PDF
creator in Active Directory. I had a PDF creator that worked on an old
Red Hat 7.2 box, but have upgraded hardware and operating system. (using
this configuration
The problem I have is when I try to connect or install the PDF creator
on a Windows XP machine. I get prompted for a userid and password on the
local server, and nothing works. I have tried root and a local user,
both the local UNIX userid/password and the Active Directory
userid/password. Each time I get the following error:
The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials.
Overwriting the existing set of credentials may cause some running
applications to stop functioning. Do you really want to overwrite the
existing set of credentials?
Portions of the smb.conf in the original configuration have been
deprecated so I am trying to do it using CUPS now.
Here is my smb.conf
realm =3D ROOT.LOCAL
password server =3D server.root.local
server string =3D server2
hosts allow =3D 123.123. 127.
printcap name =3D cups
printing =3D cups
load printers =3D yes
cups options =3D raw
log file =3D /var/log/samba/%m.log
max log size =3D 50
security =3D ADS
socket options =3D TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=3D8192 SO_SNDBUF=3D8192
wins server =3D
dns proxy =3D no=20
guest account =3D nobody
invalid users =3D root
winbind separator =3D +
idmap uid =3D 16777216-33554431
idmap gid =3D 16777216-33554431
winbind enum users=3Dyes
winbind enum groups=3Dyes
[PDF pickup]
path =3D /usr/local/PDF
browseable =3D yes
writeable =3D yes
guest ok =3D yes
comment =3D All Printers
path =3D /var/spool/samba/print
printer =3D PDF_writer
browseable =3D yes
guest ok =3D yes
printable =3D yes
browseable - no
comment =3D printer driver share
path =3D /usr/share/cups/model/distiller.ppd
read only =3D yes
public =3D yes

Thank you for you help, in advance.
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