Hi All,
I have this strange problem that if the user has the same username in
UNIX as in Windows, he can do "net view \\server" with no problem but
for users whose username is not the same
on UNIX as it is in Windows, "net view \\server" returns:
System error 5 has occurred.
Access is denied
and if try to map a share, I see the following in the log.winbindd:
[2006/02/07 15:38:00, 3]
[ 0]: getpwnam WINTESTUSER
[2006/02/07 15:38:00, 5]
Could not query user's DOMAIN\wintestuser uid
[2006/02/07 15:46:04, 3]

The user 'wintestuser' does not exist in unix. This is on Solaris 10
and Samba 3.0.21b, I am not using PAM for samba, not sure if that
causes this problem. Other Samba servers with lower version (3.04) do
not have this problem.
Thanks for any help.