At 03:10 PM 2/3/2006 +0000, Joe Cipale wrote:
>Justin McCullough wrote:
>>I just recently installed a second hard drive in my Samba server with=20
>>the hopes of sharing it with the rest of my home network. It seems like=

>>Samba can not get the correct permissions to the drive, however. I have=

>>the drive mounted under /media/public, and when I try to map a share=20
>>directly to it and open the share with a client, I get an
>>NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME error. When I map the share to /media and=20
>>try the client again, I can see the cdrom folder, but not public. I have=

>>also tried scp and ftp using /media/public, and they both work fine, so=

>>it doesn't seem like a common case of poor permission settings. Has=20
>>anyone else ever experienced this or know of a possible cause? I'm=20
>>running Fedora Core 4 if that helps.
>>Thanks in advance,
>>Justin McCullough

>Have you exported the new drive under NFS yet?

Done what now? Under Samba? To access it from an NT box??

I never have done any exporting. Just declare it a share in my samba conf=20
file and -- oh yeah! You have to restart the daemons!
rcsmb restart (or reload? never can remember)
rcnmb restart

Silly thing won't reload the conf file until you do that.

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