> I installed a second hard drive on my Samba server box with the hopes of
> creating a share for the rest of my home network. It doesn't seem like
> Samba is able to read the drive for some reason, however. The new drive is
> mounted on /media/public. When I create a share directly to the drive and
> try to connect through the smbclient, I get an NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
> error. Moving the share up a level to /media allows smbclient to connect,
> but the public folder does not even appear and trying to cd into it
> returns an NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED message. The drive itself seems fine as
> I'm able to write to it using any of my accounts directly and I can ftp
> and scp into it, so I am completely stumped. Does any one else have any
> experience with this or know what may be the cause? I'm running Fedora
> Core 4 by the way, if that helps.

I never have problems sharing drives like this, except when I forget to
change the default permissions on the directory I'm sharing.

Try chmod 777 /media and but first do something similar to the root of the
drive itself.

If you just set this up and created the share, most likely the drive or
mount point was created with default permissions, which won't be r/w to
the world.

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