Patrick DUBAU wrote:

> Hi,
> we want to give all our users all the rights on the stations, i see 2
> solutions :
> - on the station goto local group administrators and add everyone
> - on the sation goto local group administrator annd add an LDAP group
> call UA (created by us with containing all ou users)
> Which way is the best in term of charge ?
> Someone told to me that in the first case windows has to handle all
> the users on the stations, but in the second case only one group
> (group UA).
> We have about 4000 users accounts in LDAP
> Does windows have problem handling so much users?
> Thanks for any suggestion or return of experience

I see absolutely no reason to have 4000 users setup as
Administrators on their local machines.

However, if you wish to go down that route (Which I think is VERY
dangerous from a security perspective.) inside your Samba Configuration
file, you can setup a group to act as "Administrator" and just add all
of your users to that group.

If the OS you are hosting Samba on already has a "Global" Users
group that every account is automatically part of, simply add this Group
to the line detailing which groups/users are to have Administrator rights.

Good luck.
Robert Adkins
IT Manger/Buyer
Impel Industries, Inc.
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