could you set up a small instance of an ldap server along with samba on
this small box and have it act like a bdc? you could set up openldap to
do syncrepl and have a full copy of your samba domain stuff that's in
ldap. if the connection goes down, the ldap stuff is there and if you
have it set up like a bdc, you can still login, etc.

just a thought, i'm fairly new at all this stuff.


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Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> I've been using Samba with OpenLDAP with great success on normal servers.
> Recently however, it appeared to us that for remote locations it is more
> economically viable to replace Samba servers with Samba running on
> little routers like ASUS WL-500g with openwrt firmware/software.
> It has a broadcom/mipsel CPU, and thanks to openwrt
> (, it is possible to run lots of software on it.
> Pretty nice for small offices - small, no fan, no hard disk etc. other
> moving parts (you can connect a USB stick to it if you want to store
> files/profiles).
> There is one glitch however - no OpenLDAP port.
> So a Samba domain controller running on these tiny routers would have to
> authenticate users users against an external OpenLDAP server (probably
> in the company headquaters).
> My experience shows that a company with several branches located
> throughout the city/country/world have connectivity problems from time
> to time (especiall when there is no IT staff in the branches).
> With no local LDAP server this would mean users not able to work (as
> they can't authenticate).
> Is it possible to set up Samba to "cache" credentials retrieved from the
> LDAP, and when LDAP is unavailable, to use these cached credentials?

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