Hi All

I'm new in the list.
I've a problem with between one machine linux and windows 2003.
The server windows share a direcotry with allowed full controll for
>From linux I make the mount of the filesystem but I have a problem of

permissions, only root can write in to the directory.
I've try with command in order to make the mount of the filesystem is:

mount -t smbfs -rw //SERVERWIN/FSCONDIVISO /dati/fscondiviso

I've try also this:

mount -t smbfs -rw -o
username=3Doracle,password=3Doracle,dmask=3D777,fm ask=3D777,umask=3D000
//SERVERWIN/FSCONDIVISO /dati/fscondiviso

The mount it happens without problems and the directory it takes like
permissions 755 with owner root:root.
I have verified that on the server windows the share have the
fullcontroll and also the permissions on the filesystem is in
fullcontroll for everyone.
The permissions 755 whit owner root:root is a problem for an oracle
application the run with different user and can't write in to
I am trying on Internet documentation but all the examples that I have
found do not resolve the problem.
When the directory is umounted the default permissions are 777 with
owner oracleracle

The linux server have a kernel 2.2.12 and samba 2.0.5a

Can someone help me to solve?

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