I am looking for some solution, working with Samba preferably, which
would allow multiple users to work on one document.

This means that if a user makes a change to the document, a previous
version of that document is saved somewhere else.

For example, user A opens a document (rw - read/write, ro - read-only

rw \\server\share\document.txt

User makes some changes, and saves it to the same place.

This SVN/CVS-like share handles the change inteligently, and makes a
copy of the previous file to a ro file somewhere else:

ro \\server\share\backup\2005.12.22-16:24:04\document.txt

Do you have something in mind which would allow me to do something like
that *transparently* to the user (assuming the user doesn't know much
more about computers than opening Word document etc.)?

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