Dear all,
I am having a problem where by if I create a persistent mapping on a
windows 2000 server as:

net use q: \\\fred password /user:tom /persistent:yes


1. my Win2K account name that I log in with is tom and my password is
password. The w2k box is a member of a workgroup workgroup.

2. the share is exported from a samba server with HPUX 11.11i and running
samba 2.2.9 (HP version). in the samba conf file, security = shared method
is used.

3. the unix user defined in the passwd file user tom and password is

4. the above command maps the drive perfectly.

When I log out then login again I'm prompted for the password again.

I though that windows was supposed to remember the password and map the

If I enter the password correctly (password) the drive maps ok.

What do I need to do to automatically map the q: drive next time I log in
(i.e. no password prompt)?

Help much appreciated.

John Chenoweth
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