I have a long running problem with my configuration of Samba as a domain
master browser. After nmbd comes up, all the machines on the network are
viewable in the Network Neighborhood as they should be. But about half an
hour later, Samba seems to lose track of several machines; they no longer
appear in NN or /var/cache/samba/browse.dat.

I recently upgraded to a packaged version 3.0.20b (for Slackware) trying to
fix the issue with previous 3.0.x version that was installed, but to no

The [global] block of my smb.conf:

workgroup =3D 203

security =3D share

printing =3D CUPS
printcap name =3D CUPS
load printers =3D yes

wins support =3D yes
local master =3D yes
domain master =3D yes
preferred master =3D yes
OS level =3D 255

smb ports =3D 139 445
interfaces =3D eth1 eth2
bind interfaces only =3D yes
hosts allow =3D 10.11.20. 127. 192.168.0.
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