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The ongoing saga of The Place We Can't Freakin' Get Samba To Work Even Thou=
It Works Everywhere Else...

We're experiencing winbind problems. Can't authenticate from AD ("Windows=
Server 2003") even though:

"getent passwd" works (shows a list of all users including on AD server).
"getent group" works (shows list of all groups including AD)
"wbinfo -u" works
"wbinfo -n (name-of-AD-user)" works
"wbinfo --user-domgroups=3D(SID-of-user-derived-from-above-command)" works.=

But nobody seems to be able to authenticate. Windows prompts them for a=20
password, then tells them it failed. (Also - for some reason we still have=
the problem of "getent passwd (user)" not returning anything. This seems t=
be perversely intermittent. About an hour ago it was working with the same=
software. As were windows logins.)

/var/log/samba/log.winbindd shows:

[2005/12/08 19:17:12, 0] nsswitch/winbindd.c:request_len_recv(554)
request_len_recv: Invalid request size received: 1828

repeatedly for each attempt by windows users to connect now. I've tried=20
restarting smbd, nmbd, winbindd...to no avail.

(The occasionally-but-not-usually-works thing here is actually an ongoing=20
problem that at this point I fear will precipitate ripping out of the Samba=
box and overwriting it with "Windows". I have no idea what the problem is =
similarly configured samba systems at other locations seem to work just=20

This is SLES 9 on a Dell "Xeon" box, using RPM's grabbed from:=20

(I also tried the i586 rpm's, just in case. Same thing.)

Please, I'm begging - can someone tell me what to dig into here? I'll be=20
happy to post configurations, run tests, whatever. I just don't want to ha=
to hear "no, we'll just have to 'buy' Windows because Samba doesn't=20
work" (despite all the ones we already HAVE working...it's that kind of pla=

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