I left "logon path" to default.

This is the config I WAS using:

logon script = %U.bat
logon path =
logon home = \\%L\%U
logon drive = U:

In most cases it worked OK but with over 1000 users I got too many reports of U drive missing and
had to revert back to the old config.


--- Josh Kelley wrote:

> On 12/6/05, Brian Gewin wrote:
> > I've attempted many different solutions including the obvious "logon drive = U:" but that

> proved
> > to be very unreliable and caused the U drive to disappear entirely in some cases.

> Sorry if this is asking the obvious, but did you make sure that you
> set "logon path" (either globally, in smb.conf, or per-user, using
> pdbedit or a similar tool) when you set "logon drive"? When we had
> logon drive but no logon path set, it caused similar problems with the
> logon drive disappearing entirely.
> Josh Kelley

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