On Thu, 2005-12-08 at 09:20 -0500, john steele wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new to SAMBA and Linux and need help finding documentation on the setup
> and how to integrate SAMBA and LDAP with Windows based clients. I have done
> a lot of looking around and found a lot of information, but it all seems to
> be written for someone with some knowledge of both software packages. I did
> pickup two Linux Admin books from Tech Republic and they are helpful. But
> they seem to be missing parts that I guess someone with more knowledge then
> myself would know. I guess I should give you a little background on
> myself. I am a Network Engineer with 21 year of Microsoft experience. In
> the past few years I have been getting fed up with MS forcing me to upgrade
> all me servers just because just want to sell a new OS. So I have begun
> looking into LINUX. Because of the large MS client base (over 1000 clients)
> my employer wants a solution that will integrate easily and SAMBA looks like
> that option.
> Can you point me in the direction of some doc's or even some books that will
> give the whole story or at least fill in the blanks. Thanks up front for
> all help.

The official Samba documentation...


See the 'How-To' for a very complete reference
See the 'By Example' for installation guidance

Both are available in dead tree form at your favorite bookseller or
online above in html/pdf form


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