Download the samba source and check out
the /examples/scripts/printing/cups directory for some EXTREMELY
skeletal examples of these scripts.

On Thu, 2005-12-08 at 13:33 +0100, Fabian Arrotin wrote:
> Hi everybody ...
> I just read on the samba announce that's now possible to use the printer
> migrator tool prtmig.exe to backup existing queues and drivers on a
> Microsoft machine and restore them on Samba ...
> The problem is that the add printer command should be specified in the
> smb.conf file ...
> After googling a little i was not able to find any examples for this
> script ...
> Does anybody in this list have such script that can be shared with the
> list ?
> I suppose this script will first add the printer in CUPS, reload cups,
> and upload the drivers to the print$ share .
> Thanks in advance ...

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