For the purpose of my question I will use the following informaiton:

User Name = john.smith
Domain Name = MARS

I have a samba-3 domain set up using Win XP Pro clients. Everything
works ok besides for a few programs that are flaking out. But I have
one small querk.

I can log on the computer using MARS\john.smith and works fine. Lets
say I have john.smith as a local user account with the profile of
%SYSTEMROOT%\Documents and Settings\john.smith and then he logs into the
domain which should create the profile folder of john.smith.MARS but
instead it creates john.smith.MIDEARTH.

Also when using usrmgr.exe or srvmgr.exe, it never find MARS without me
having to select the domain. I suspect its looking for MIDEARTH as the
domain but i'm not sure why.

Any ideas?
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