>> I have mounted a [homes] share on a Samba 3.0.22 server
>> from my XP Pro PC. On my Samba server, I have set
>> deadtime to 1 minute. After connecting, I execute a net
>> use command and see that the status of the share is OK.
>> After a minute or so with no activity, I see that the
>> status changes to Disconnected. At this point, I thought
>> that when I re-accessed the share, I would be prompted
>> again for a username/password. Unfortunately, I am going
>> directly into the share I had previously opened with no
>> prompting for the username/password.
>> I am using these shares in a lab environment where I

>> like the share to close and the next person be prompted
>> for a username/password after 1 minute of inactivity. Is
>> this possible?
>> TIA,
>> Ryan Harvey
>> Muskingum College

>What you want is for Windows to forget the password. What
>is happening is Windows by default in 99.99% of cases
>remembers the last user name and password for each share;

>, you won't have to keep typing the password on your
>personal computer every 60-seconds. That would be very
>frustrating and counter productive.
>1-minute of inactivity is a very short time! Are you sure
>you want this?
>It took me more than 1-minute just to produce this response
>and send it.

The connection needs to be open long enough to move a file
to the share. But that really doesn't matter. Whether it
is 1 minute or 10, it is still not re-prompting for the
username/password. The autodisconnect time on my PC is set
to 15 minutes. Is anyone else doing this? Can I clear the
cached username/password?

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