I have added an HP Deskjet 600 to my debian etch system, using CUPS. It is
working fine.

I would like to set it up so that I can occassionally print to it from a
Windows 9x machine. This is where I seem to be having trouble.

I consulted the HOW-TO docs on the samba site, but they are quite detailed
and confusing (for me).

I don't want to do anything that will cause the printer to work for the Win9x
machine, but stop working properly on the debian machine. I am probably
wrong, but what little I did understand of the HOW-TO gave me the
impression that it might indeed cause problems.

I really need something that is more like "A Dummy's Guide to SAMBA and
Print Shares." The Win9x machine can currently see/access the other shares
defined on the debian box. Is there an "dummy's" way to set the printer
share up so that my Win9x machine can see it?


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