> From: Andrew Morgan morgan@orst.edu

> On Mon, 11 Jun 2007, David Olsson wrote:
> > Running samba with Ubuntu, default configuration, one share, samba
> > running as daemons rather from inetd.
> >
> > Copying one file between the share and another machine on the LAN is
> > very slow. Adding another copy and both transfers proceed very quickly.
> >
> > The client machines are Macs with recent OSX, and a Windows laptop.
> > Same behavior. If the second transfer is initiated on a different
> > client, both transfers still speed up, dramatically.

> Sounds suspiciously like an ethernet duplex mismatch problem to me (one
> end things the connection is half-duplex).

Something like that, I think. Problem went away when we removed an ethernet switch box from the network. Thanks much, you and other responders.

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