Dear sirs, i`m need to chanche location of browse.dat file. By default
it store in /var/cache/samba
Change parameter "lock directory" in smb.conf is not help
Samba version is 3.0.24 (from debain pkg)

I`m try to start 2 domains from one server. I`ve got my 2 config files
(with separate pids, net interfaces, log files) and both servers run,
bound to the correct interfaces.
Both domain starting normally, become a domain logon servers, domain
master browserss & local master brousers. All work - except one problem
- both servers try to use one /var/cache/samba/browse.dat file.

start smbd&nmbd with option --lockdir=/var/cache/samba/domainname/ not
helped to
with --lockdir i`m see files:
brlock.tdb gencache.tdb messages.tdb sessionid.tdb
connections.tdb locking.tdb printing share_info.tdb
in separate domains directorues, but browse.dat is single in

WBR, Evgeny Pchelin
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