I compile my VFS modules statically on AIX with the following line to

--with-static-modules=vfs_audit,vfs_cap,vfs_default_quota,vfs_ex pand_msd
fs,vfs_extd_audit,vfs_fake_perms,vfs_full_audit,vf s_netatalk,vfs_readonl

I specifically use the audit module with no issues. Before I was
getting a SMB panic...


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I have been trying to use the module recycle.so on samba
installed on Aix. I tried with different version of Aix and
also different versions of samba. Also the latest one 3.0.24.
I have always installed the Binary version .
Always when I activate the recycle option the samba server
stops to accept connections. Otherwise it works normally.
I have googled on this problem and someone suggested to compile
modules statically. Does anybody have this option working on aix ?
Please can you tell me how to do it ?
Thanks in Advance
Massimo Borgarello

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