Hi, i followed the official faq trying to disable roaming profiles but
it doesnt work

in smd.conf i have

logon home =
logon path =

for every new pc that i have joined to the domain, the hole desktop and
mydocs directory is transfered to the server!!!!!!!
i have wasted 15G because of that and if a user logons in another
machine all the crap is transfered back again in this pc.
So, it is not working, am i missing something here?

i have this lines too:

path = /opt/samba/profiles
writeable = yes
browseable = no
#create mode = 0644
#directory mode = 0755
# this prevents users from browsing other peoples' profiles
create mode = 0600
directory mode = 0700

Are the above lines necesary?, may they are enabling the profiles again?
any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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