We have several locations seperated by WAN links.

There is one PDC in the central office, and a BDC at each other site.

The PDC has a WINS server, all other servers and stations are configured
to query this server (hybrid mode - WINS first, then broadcast.)

Here is my problem: When one of the BDCs is disconnected from the
network, all of the sites suffer problems (ie., Windows logins slow down
from 10-15 seconds to 5-10 minutes, system policies fail to apply,
accessing mapped drives slows down.) The entire domain basically becomes

When the connection is reestablished, everything returns to normal
rather quickly.

I've spent some time Googling my problem, but so far have been

Should I be using interdomain trust relationships instead of my current
single WAN-spanning domain? Or is there something else I've overlooked?

Mike Alborn
School District 28 (Quesnel)
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