(This is taken form here :
http://samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samb...html#redirfold )

I'm using folder redirection so I have a NTUSER.DAT file in the
"netlogon" directory on the logon server (the primary domain controler),
which I edited with regedit to set up some folders so that they point to
the logon server by using the %LOGONSERVER% variable, and it seems it
doesn't work if I change this variable for the logon server netbios

The thing is that the users data is in the Primary Domain Controler, and
when they log in byt the Backup Domain Controler this variable becames
the netbios name of the Backup Domain Controler, where are not the users
profile data.

Is there a way to define this field in NTUSER.DAT so it always point to
the Primary Domain Controler?


I want to change in NTUSER.DAT (with regedit, the User Shell Folders
key )

Desktop REG_SZ %LOGONSERVER%\profdata\%USERNAME%\Desktop


Desktop REG_SZ \\PDC\profdata\%USERNAME%\Desktop

It shoud work but it doesn't.

Any tips please?

Thanks a lot.

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