I've run into a strange problem. I will post in a Yahoo NG if I need to but,
thought I would post here first.
I am trying to do some research for a project and need to disable the adult
filter for this project on the Yahoo web site to do it.
Every time I disable the Adult filtering I loose connection with my Linksys
WRT540 wireless router and have to reboot the router to get connection back.
This is not a problem with Alta Vista or Google. I do NOT have a toolbar for
any of the web sites. And, the only configuration I've made to the router is
to block myspace.
I am running Win XP Pro, Microsoft Office, PC Tools Firewall Plus and Norton
System works. All in standard configuration. I have a Netgear wireless card
in my computer. Other then that there is no other software running
(basically it's my web computer, I have other systems for almost everything
I'm perplexed. Is there a virus that targets this specific combo.? Have any
of you ever heard of something like this? Has anyone run into this sort of
thing before?
How can changing the configuration of Yahoo knock my computer off the