The heading of this post is, perhaps , misleading in that it is a
description of a sequence of events which may or may not be relevant.

I have a desktop with XP Pro SP2 and a similarly equipped laptop.

The d/t is connected to the Web through a XyCEL DSL Modem which then
connects to the d/t's network card through a Linksys WRT54GS
wireless-equipped Router.

The laptop is a Lenovo T60 Wireless equipped machine and which , until
the present problem , was linked successfully in a wireless LAN with
the d/t.

Everything worked OK in this setup , access to the web using the d/t
which linked to the laptop wirelessly and I was thus able to use this
arrangement in most of the rooms of my house.

Both machines were setup to use "Obtain IP addresses automatically".

Then , as a result of reading articles on WiFi Security , I decided to
d/l and install the "Wireless Client Update KB917021" . This update
promises to "enhance WPA2 encryption protocol".

I installed this only on the Desktop machine.

Shortly after this , I lost the wireless link and the networking
facility on the LAN.

I then removed this MS Update from the desktop in an effort to
reproduce the previous status.

This has not been successful in that I have since been unable to
re-install Web access and networking wirelessly between both machines.

I can now access the Web and achieve networking between this LAN using
the wired cable connection only.

I also have difficulty achieving sucess in obtaning wireless linkage
and this is only obtained when I select "Obtain IP addresses

There is also an additional symptom in that , when re-booting the
laptop now , there is a considerable delay. This , I suspect but am
not certain , is due to the difficulty in allocating IP addresses.

Finally , in describing these symptoms , I am not at all certain that
there is a linkage with the installation of the MS Upgrade KB917021
and the subsequent problems but the problems began almost immediately
after installing this upgrade on the desktop.

Incidentally , this upgrade is advertised as "..enhancing WPA2
protocol ..."
As far as I am aware my Linksys Router only uses WPA .

I should also mention here that I employ Zone Alarm V.7.0.337.000 on
both machines and am aware of the need to enter in the appropriate
section of the ZA Control Center any significant IP's generated in
attempts to achieve wireless networking and Web access.

Any comments and , ideally , solutions , would be greatly appreciated.


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