Im new to content filtering and seem to be missing something in the

I added a policy to the route rLAN -> WAN that filters HTTP (port 80)
and it seems to work fairly well but very random things are happening.

In the content Filtering URL Blacklist I removed all the defaults (to
make sure they were not causing the problems) then added a few URLs I
was asked to block.

After some experimenting I was able to get those sites blocked by
adding multiple entries like this:


Sometimes it takes the second entry to block (or whitelist) a site.

But for some reason I now cannot view anything on ebay.com, or
wikipedia.com (after the main screen everything is blocked), or
yellowpages.ca. Im sure more will come up as people try to go to them.

I've tried removing EVERYTHING from the blacklist and the problems
still occur (ie now I can get to lavalife, but I still cant get
listings on ebay!). So this must be related to the policy of
filtering http itself.

Can anyone provide some guidelines or ideas here? Im sure I just need
a simple change but Im not sure what.