Got a puzzling one here. Client has Linksys BEFSR81 cable/dsl router,
latest firmware (2.51.1). Device works fine for sharing his DSL
connection, but transfers over the WIRED ethernet ports on the LAN are
very slow. Bandwidth measuring never exceeds 1.6MB/sec. Now we know
that we'll never see the perfect 10MB/sec that the 100Mbps full duplex
is theoretically capable of, but we should certainly see something in
the 5 to 6MB/sec range, even on an inexpensive switch like this.

We've temporarily swapped in a 4-port Netgear device, and its speed
LAN-to-LAN is what you'd expect.

We're noticing a large number of posts on forums all around the web
indicating that others are having extremely slow LAN xfers with this
same switch. Is the internal switch on the BEFSR81 just crap? Or are
we missing something, here?

TIA for any thoughts.